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You thought different length or weight units were a nightmare? No, shoe sizes – that's where the real mess is. Various footwear manufacturers measure different things: a foot, a shoe last or an inner cavity of the shoe. They not only use absolutely different scales in various countries, the scale may differ from one manufacture to another even if they seem to use the same one.

The fitting also highly depends on the width of a shoe as well as other characteristics of the model. That's why your best bet is always trying on the shoes before you buy. Never choose shoes by size without trying if it's not the same model you had before!

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Foot and Last lengths

These are the lengths of foot and last (foot-shaped template for manufacturing shoes) various shoe sizes correspond to. Please note there is no official conversion between the last length and the foot length although it is commonly considered normal if the foot is 2/3 inch less then the last. So we use this conversion here.
Units: foot length in millimeters  / foot length in centimeters  / foot length in inches  / last length in mm  / last length in cm  / last lentgh in in
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U.S. and Canada Customary Shoe Size

There are different systems of shoe sizes that are used in the United States at the same time. A customary traditional system is based on the English sizes but starts at one instead of zero so U.S. sizes are one greater than British. This system is based on the length of the shoe last (foot-shaped template for manufacturing shoes). Measuring the last instead of a foot is easier for shoe manufactures but makes it harded for the consumers. The inner cavity of the shoe must usually be 2/3 inch longer than the foot length. In this converter we add 2/3 inch when converting from last-based to foot-based sizes. There is also a less popular Footwear industries of America (FIA) scale also known as "standard". It measures female sizes slightly different.
Units: male shoe size  / female shoe size (common)  / female shoe size (FIA)  / children size (all genders)
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Continental Europe and Middle East Shoe Size

European scale is based on the last length expressed in Paris points (2/3 cm). The scale is the same for both genders and for adults and children.
Units: European shoe size
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Russia and CIS (ex-USSR countries) Shoe Size

The official standards GOST 23251-83, GOST 11373-88 declare the shoe size to be measured by the length of a foot expressed in millimeters. However in practice shoes are marked either with traditional system based on a foot length expressed in Paris points or with foot length measured in centimeters. The scale is the same for both genders and for adults and children.
Units: Russian traditional shoe size  / Russian scale in cm  / Russian GOST shoe size (mm)
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United Kingdom and Ireland Shoe Size

The UK scale is based on the length of the last measured in barleycorns starting with zero for the smallest practical size. The scale is not formally standardized. The child's size 0 has a length of a hand, the biggest child's size is 13.5. The adult size 1 is one barleycorn longer than the biggest child's size. The scale is the same for male and female. Please note though some shoe manufactures in the UK use slightly different scales. For example a shoe of UK size 6 made be Jimmy Choo might be the same size with a shoe of size 7.5 made by Crocs.
Units: adult UK shoe size  / children UK size
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Asian Shoe Size

Asian system is based on a foot length expressed in centimeters. It is officially standardized in many countries, e.g. Japan, China and Korea.
Units: Asian shoe size
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Hong Kong Shoe Size

Hong Kong uses European shoe scale
Units: Hong Kong shoe size
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Mexico Shoe Size

In Mexico shoes are marked either in another version of barleycorn-based system by last length, or by a foot length in centimeters or inches.
Units: Mexico shoe size  / Mexico shoe size in inches  / Mexico shoe size in cm
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Australia and New Zealand Shoe Size

Female shoes are usually sold in U.S. sizes while children and male shoes use the UK scale
Units: Australian male shoe size  / Australian female shoe size  / Australian children size
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Brazilian Shoe Size

In Brazil the scale similar to European is used with the only difference Brazilian size being smaller by 2.
Units: Brazilian shoe size

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