Special Converters

Special Converters

Special converters are the ones that you can hardly find in the Internet. They are unique and very useful. Have a look at what we have prepared for you and try it!

Cooking Ingredients and Food Price Converters

If you ever had a cooking recipe book from the other side of the globe, you definitely struggled with uncomfortable measurements they use. Do they measure flour in grams? How many cups of flour should I use if the book says 200 grams? Our Cooking Ingredients Converter gives immediate answers to all questions like that. Just chose your substance and the amount they give in the recipe and you'll get it instantly converted to the units you got used to.

Food Price Converter helps you with the price comparison tasks. If the milk price is that much for a liter, how much it would be per gallon? And how much per pound? Milk is rarely sold by pounds indeed, but if it is somewhere, you know what converter will help you.

Shoe Size Converter

You thought different length or weight units were a nightmare? No, shoe sizes – that's where the real mess is. Various footwear manufacturers measure different things: a foot, a shoe last or an inner cavity of the shoe. They not only use absolutely different scales in various countries, the scale may differ from one manufacture to another even if they seem to use the same one.

Our shoe size converter allows you to convert shoes sizes for men, women and children from the following countries and regions: U.S. and Canada, Continental Europe and Middle East, Russian and other ex-USSR countries, United Kingdom, Asian countries, Hong Kong, Mexico, Brazil, and Australia.

Ring Size Converter

Ring sizes are no better than shoe sizes, many countries decided to invent their own completely different scales to measure rings. What makes it even more complicated is an abundance of wrong information about ring sizes on the web. We did not copy and paste any unchecked conversion tables, but studied actual standards and came up with a converter that provides exact and reliable result.

Our ring size converter allows you to convert ring sizes for the following countries and regions: U.S., Canada and Mexico, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, European standard sizes (ISO), Italy, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Brazil, India, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Other ex-USSR Countries, Japan, China, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore.

Fuel Economy Converter

If you ever had a car from the other side of the globe, you certainly know that people sometimes use very strange ways to measure fuel economy. Some use liters per 100 kilometers, others refer to miles per gallon. There are even those who measure number of miles per liter. These measurements not only hard to convert to each other, they also go to the opposite directions. The higher is your car's MPG (miles per gallon), the better. However, for litres per 100 kilometers it is vice-versa - the less is the number of litres, the better is the car economy.

Our Fuel Economy Converter easily solves all communication and understanding problems. It supports all possible fuel economy units and helps you seamlessly convert from one to another.

Currency Rates Converter

Unlike all other units and measures we feature on Convert-me.com, currencies are not stable. An inch is always equal to 2.54 centimeters, no exceptions. Currency rates change daily, not to mention that rates may differ depending on the bank and country. That's why we did not want to add currency rate conversion to our site for a long time. However, people asked us so many times to add currencies, that we finally agreed.

Our Currency Rates Converter supports all world currencies and updates rates several times a day. Please use this data as a reference only. We are not in a business of currency exchange and do not guarantee that anyone will be ready to exchange your currency with the rate you see on our site. We do our best however to ensure the rates we provide are accurate.

Our currency rates converter support currencies from countries of all regions of the world: major world currencies, European, Middle East, North American, Central American, Caribbean, South American, Asian, African, Australian and Oceanian, and more.

Numerals and Percent Converters

These two converters deal with plain numbers, not measures.

The first one is a Numerals and Radix Converter. It allows you to convert plain decimal number to Roman, Greek or Khmer notation. For example, the number 1996 (the year Convert-me.com started) in Roman numeral will be MCMXCVI and in Khmer form it will be ១៩៩៦. Now when you see something like MDCCCXXXV on a tombstone or a building facade, you can use our converter to quickly find our which year it is. Want to give it a try?

The second one is our Fractions and Percent Converter. It helps you quickly deal with percent, permilles, ppm and ppb, quantity units like dozen, gross or dicker. It also helps convert common fractions and metric prefixes.

Weight to Volume Converter

This is again a very special and unique converter. It allows you to convert from one measure to another. If you have 3 cubic feet of sand, how heavy it is, will your truck be able to carry this amount? How big is one pound of gold? Now you can get an answer to all questions like this. Just pick the substance and enter the amount (either weight or volume) you are interested in. It instantly gets converted to other possible units of volume and weight.