estamated cost to run a 10hp electric motor for one year.

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estamated cost to run a 10hp electric motor for one year.

Postby tonyczdt » Sun Apr 03, 2005 6:51 am

I am working on a new product for my company and I am trying to caculate the cost to run an 10hp electric motor for a year. The location is in the pacific northwest (Washington state).

The new product will require the addition of the motor to improve the performance of the existing equipment.

Thanks in advance Tony.

Postby Guest » Sun Apr 03, 2005 7:45 am

You probably need to look for current or wattage specs when it is driving10 hp load. You also need to look at whether your load really requires 10 hp or that is just the size you chose, and the motor will operate at less than full power.

As a very rough estimate, note that 1 hp = 746 w. But due to efficiency, you will have to put in more than 746 w to get 746 w (1 hp) out. For single phase, 1 hp motors, you may have to put in 1000-1200 w to get 1 hp out. Larger 3 phase motors are better and might be 90% efficient (just a guess, find specs for your motor!!!!!!!!!!). Lets estimate 8300 w or 8.3 kw for 10 hp and 90% efficiency. Multiply by 365 days x 24 hours/day, or 8760 hrs/year. That's 72,710 kwh. I have no idea what commercial rate for power is in your areal our residential rate is about 11 cents per kwh, that would be $8000 per year.

Hopefully, that is enough of a proforma, you can adjust for actual facts as you find them.

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