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Flow Rate Conversion Tool

Postby JulienReimann » Wed Jun 25, 2008 3:23 pm

Hi everybody,

After many hours trying to search for answers, I finally choose to ask directly my question:
I’m trying to make a conversion tool for flow rate in order to make a centrifugal compressor dimensioning.
Because this tool has to be used with changing input data, I have to make this conversion module.
Units will be:
- kg/h
- kg/s
- MMscfd
- MMscmd
- Actual m3/h
- Actual m3/s

I would like to know how to convert kg/h to all these units, and which other data I need (Specific Volume, Temperature, Pressure, etc…)
Of course I already know how to convert kg/h to kg/s and Actual m3/h to Actual m3/s but I can’t find anything for the others.

Thanks for asking me.

P.S: Excuse me for my English, I’m French.
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