please help me with the validity of a converion...

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please help me with the validity of a converion...

Postby guest » Wed Feb 16, 2005 9:51 pm

I am trying to verify the validity of conversion calculation.

The dimension of a metal pipe is given as "dia.48x127x32" but i do not know the unit of measure.

To compute volume, the following formula was used:

= [(pi X d2) divided by 4] X L

= (3.1416 X (48) 2 divided by 4 X 32

= 57,906

This number (57,906) was then divided by 1,000,000 and multiplied by 7.85 to arrive at 0.45 kg.

I would like to verify that the portion of this calculation (dividing by 1 million and multiplying by 7.85) is valid. CAN YOU OFFER ANY GUIDANCE REGARDING THE VALIDITY OF THIS CALCULATION?

Thank you!

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