Convert 1 Acre to lineal running feet

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Convert 1 Acre to lineal running feet

Postby Fourinplano » Wed Jan 23, 2008 4:55 am

What is the lineal feel in one square acre?


Postby Dirtman » Thu Jan 24, 2008 8:40 am


You mean feet, right?

An acre is a unit of area, linear feet (feet) is a unit of length. You don’t have linear feet in an acre, you have square feet.

However, length (feet, meters, yards, etc.) is used to measure the sides and/or perimeter of an area but just because square is in “square feet”, doesn’t mean the area is actually square. It could be round, rectangular, trapezoidal . . . any two dimensional shape.

IF, (repeat IF), the 1 acre you’re asking about is a perfect square, you can calculate the sides . . . it’s the square root of the area. 1 acre is 43, 560 square feet. The square root of 43,560 is 208.71 linear feet (linear feet can be expressed simply as “feet”). As all four sides are equal in a square, multiply by 4 to obtain the perimeter: 834.84 feet.

Although feet (or other linear length unit) are used to calculate the square feet, the area is NOT comprised of linear feet.
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