Help with porportional scale?

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Help with porportional scale?

Postby RaM » Mon Dec 31, 2007 6:38 pm

Is anyone here able to offer help with porportional stuff, converting small inches to larger measurements but keeping the object's porportions?

I have one object that's 1"w by 1.5" h. and I'm having to set it into a area that's dimensions are 7" by 9". On the smaller one I've already marked all my points of reference, and some of them are very tiny/specific, I used the 32nd mark on my ruler. But I suck at scale and mostly math as well. :roll: How is the best way for me to get these points I've already marked on the smaller object set in the correct space on the larger area? How do I change all these tiny 32nd and 16ths to the exact measurements for the large space?

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