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Postby Karen » Mon Nov 19, 2007 12:09 pm


Can someone help me with this? I have an insulinm syringe (30 units), I am suppose to inject .2 units of HCT inm the morning at 7:00am. Am I correct to assume I should draw up to the second line on the syringe? That seems like such a small amount to take; it is just a couple of drops?



Postby Guest » Mon Nov 19, 2007 6:52 pm

PLease do not make that assumption, it could be dangerous. You NEED to ask your doctor or pharmacist for better directions.

The markings on your insulin syringe are for a specific strength of insulin. The most common is U-100, or 100 units per milliliter (or cubic centimeter). But insulin has been packaged in other strengths such as U-60 and the syringes are marked differently. So, FIRST, you need to know how to convert "units" for the system of insulin (the insulin and the syringe) you use to volume.

Second, you need to know the concentration of HCT (whatever that is), units of HCT per milliliter, which may not be the same as your insulin. Based on the strength, you have to convert the dose in units to a volume, then determine how that volume is marked on your insulin syringe.

Since dosage is a safety concern, that should be done by your doctor or pharmacist, not strangers on an Internet board. While I want to help (with advice), I wouldn't do the conversion for you if I had the data because of safety.

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