Cloth weight?

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Cloth weight?

Postby Sienna » Fri Nov 05, 2004 11:17 pm

I live in Jamaica and it is not always easy to do anything here, let alone find out answers to strange questions!

I need to pay postage weight on cotton material shipped from one side of the island to the other.

I know that I need 270 yards of linen and need to know how much one yard would weigh so I can calculate the total poundage. I've looked around the house for something to cut up that would be the equivalent of one yard of material to take to the local shop where I could weigh it in the old fashioned hanging scales we have, but haven't yet found anything I can afford to cut up.

I guess my question might be how many yards of cotton material (heavier than bed sheeting, perhaps more like linen used for table cloths?) would equal one pound?

OR....if there are easier measuring/weighing techniques, what could I do to find the answer.

Nothing is forthcoming from the local Jamaican stores I'm dealing with.
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