Can anybody help me?

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Can anybody help me?

Postby playguy » Sun Sep 19, 2004 5:14 pm

I'm tryin to figure out the mesure systems in america.
In the country i live, it's the meter,decimeter,kilometer.

But i don't understand nothing of the american system, can somebody help me?Like telling me how you guys use the your mesure, the feet, the "(it's inch isn't it?).

Thanks very much.

re: can anyone help me

Postby moe » Mon Sep 20, 2004 3:54 am

hi playguy

my best answer is ... "dont bother". the foot inch system or what is known as the Imperial System of Measurement IS: awkward, inefficient, has no standard symbols, uses the same unit for many different measures, waste of school tax money to learn, not based on our number system, has hundreds of units based on the sectors of society ... and fortunately is 'hangin on' in only one country in the world. it is on par with the American invasion of Iraq ... a no brainer, from one guy trying to show his dad he can be in the history books too!

stick with the system you use ... one with only ONE unit for EACH measurable attribute. in the Imperial System for example there are inches, feet, foot, yards, links, chains, rods, hands, furlongs, mil, thou, nautical miles, miles, fathoms, ... this list goes on and on :-( then one has to memorize how many of those in those, and it is never an easy number like 10 which is used in the metric system. in your SI there is only one unit to measure lengths, depth, width, distance, height, span, circumference etc etc ... that is the metre ... could not be simpler

note too that the inch-foot system is based on the metre and has been for a long time

1 inch = 0.0254 m exactly

keep in mind that American cars are completely made in metric and have been for decades ... this conversion will take a lot of money that is why it has not been completed yet ... better to spend money on invading other countries :-( instead of helping the American people, the American economy, our American children and their education etc

if your still interested in learning a chaotic system ... write in again


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