Convert Cu Mtr value to 3 Equal Meter lengths??

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Convert Cu Mtr value to 3 Equal Meter lengths??

Postby MUTZ » Sun Jan 26, 2014 3:31 am

I need a devisable calculation that takes a Cubic meter value and gives me a per meter value for 3 equal lengths.
example ; 169 cubic mtrs = 169/30.5 = 5.53, conversely 5.53x5.53x5.53 = 169.1

What is the method of calc to arrive at 30.5 as the dividing # ??, so I can divide any cubic value to get an equal LxHxW measurements ??
hope this makes sense , Craig
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Re: Convert Cu Mtr value to 3 Equal Meter lengths??

Postby BESToR » Thu Aug 14, 2014 7:40 am

I'm going to take a shot at explaining this.
Cubic measurements of course have three dimensions, the height, width, and length.
The easiest way that I can tell you is to plug into your calculator the 169 number which is the number you want to break down into units and do a cube root.
Like doing a square root, but instead find the y x button on your calculator. It should have a little symbol above it showing a square root symbol but with an X in it. So to solve your little puzzle, put 169 in your calculator, press the key labeled 2nd and then Yx button and then the number 3. The calculator should grind a little bit and spit out the number 5.5287748 which should equal the length of each side.
I hope this helps.
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