How much of this 10A lot is woods?

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How much of this 10A lot is woods?

Postby guest 11-16-06 » Thu Nov 16, 2006 9:52 pm

Sides C & D are mostly wetland and I'm desperetly trying to figure how much of this land is woods. In acreage. There are 10 acres to this lot and the ACTUAL size of the property WITH the wetland is as follows:

Side A=454.45'
side B=305.63'
side C=1016.92'
side D=945.55'
Above: should equal a 10acre lot (I took the figures off a lot blueprint)
Below: I have figured already approx. how much footage is woods from the entire lot with its combined woods/wetland above.

side A=454'
side B=306'
side C=339'

How would I convert this to acreage?
guest 11-16-06

Postby Dirtman » Sun Nov 19, 2006 10:38 am

Divide the property parcel into two triangles. Calculate the area for each using Heron's formula and add the two together. Divide the answer by 43,560 to obtain acres.

To determine the length of the diagonal line, you need the angle of at least one property corner (and which corner). Use trig to calculate the diagonal measurement to divide the property into two triangles.

If you don't know one of the angles, on the survey plot are lengths and bearings of each property line. These are the compass directions, usually stated in quadrants, e.g., 640.00' N12º31'22"E. Using these bearings, you can calculate the angle(s).

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