2 in. water line running thru 1 in. water meter

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2 in. water line running thru 1 in. water meter

Postby janetleeproffitt » Wed Sep 19, 2012 10:51 pm

Our small town installed water meters and connected our 2 in. water line to a 1 in. meter which measures in gallons. According to our last bill, we used 107,370 gallons of water! That's more than our water tower holds. I use the water only to water our garden. We have a separate meter for the house--which has a 1 in. line and a 1 in. meter--the bill was for 9,940 gallons. We believe the 1 in. meter measuring the 2 in. line is inaccurate (to say the least). What would the results be for a 2 in. line measured by a 1 in. meter? Please help! Our combined water bill was $449.87.
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