Need to find acridge!

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Need to find acridge!

Postby Guest » Fri Oct 13, 2006 8:44 pm

I have a propertay that is 220ftX472ftX442ftX530ft and I'm trying to find out the acridge for that. Any help would be great thanks.

Postby Dirtman » Sun Oct 15, 2006 4:00 am

To find the area of an irregular shaped property such as this, you need the diagonal measurement from one corner to the opposite corner. This will divide the property into two triangles. The areas of these two triangles can then be calculated using Heron's formula and added together.

You can find this measurement by:

1) having the angle of at least 1 corner and the sides lengths in order from that corner. either clockwise or counterclockwise (state which).

2) looking at the boundary survey of the property, which lists the bearing and distance of each property line.

3) accurately measuring the diagonal line.

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