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Conversion to cubic meters

Postby jim » Wed Apr 07, 2004 2:19 pm

I like to convert 15x23x10 inches to cubic meters

Re: Conversion to cubic meters

Postby Knight » Wed Apr 07, 2004 7:30 pm

jim wrote:I like to convert 15x23x10 inches to cubic meters

The most straightforward method will be to convert each of the inch measurements into meters:

There are 39.37 inches per meter, so one inch is 0.0254 meters.

15 inches x 0.0254 inches/meter = 0.3810 meters
23 inches x 0.0254 inches/meter = 0.5842 meters
10 inches x 0.0254 inches/meter = 0.2540 meters

Now you have a box .381 m x .5842 m x .254 m.

Multiplying that out:

.381 x .5842 x .254 m x m x m = 0.0565 m³

Alternatively, you could multiply 15 in x 23 in x 10 in to get 3,450 in³, then multiply in³ by 1.639e-05 m³/in³ to convert to m³:

3,450 in³ x 1.639e-05 m³/in³ = 0.0564 m³

The 1.639e-05 in³/m³ conversion factor is really just 0.0254 in/m x 0.0254 in/m x 0.0254 in/m multiplied out in advance.

In my opinion, doing it the first way is more logical, but the second method is faster.
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