Yards of concrete

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Yards of concrete

Postby MidgeA@aol.com » Sun Apr 04, 2004 10:39 pm

I need to know how much concrete (in yards) I need for an area: 12 ft x 8 ft x 4inches.

Postby Stuff » Tue Apr 06, 2004 3:03 am

First convert the 4 inches into feet (4 inches divided by 12 inches in a foot) --- 4/12=.3333 ft

Multiply 12 ft x 8 ft x .3333 ft = 32 cubic feet

A cubic yard has 27 cubic feet (3 ft x 3 ft x 3 ft), so divide 32 cubic feet by 27 cubic feet --- 32/27=1.185 cubic yards

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