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Postby Exzilerate » Sat Mar 06, 2004 4:41 am

What is KW when used in cars?? For e.g.

The Murciélago's 12-cylinder, 6.2-litre aluminium alloy engine produces 425kW at 7500 revs and 650Nm of torque at 5400rpm

I need this in horsepower and torque in lbs per square inch.

Postby shill » Sun Mar 07, 2004 3:30 am

kW (kilowatt) is an SI measurement of power.
1 kW = approx. 1.341 hp
425 kW = approx. 569.9 hp

Nm (newton meter) is an SI measurment of torque.
1 Nm = approx. 0.73756215 pound-foot
650 Nm = approx. 479.4153975 pound-foot
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