converting m/sec squared to cm/min squared

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converting m/sec squared to cm/min squared

Postby lab girl » Mon Feb 27, 2006 12:58 am

need to convert acceleration due to gravity in meters per sec squared into cm per min squared
lab girl

Postby Mike Wright » Fri Mar 03, 2006 2:51 pm

Acceleration due to gravity (g) is usually taken as 9.81m/s². There are 100cm in 1m, so g = 9.81m/s² = 981cm/s².
There are 60s in 1 min, & 1s = 1/60th of a minute, so 1s² = 1/60² = 1/3600.
Representing this as a formula:

g = 9.81m/s² = 981cm/s² = 981/(1/60²) cm/min²

Because the 981 is divided by a value that is already 1 divided by 60², this is equivalent to multiplying by 60².

So g = 981 x 60² cm/min² = 3531600 cm/min² = 3.5316E6 cm/min² (in engineering format).

As you can see the conversion is a bit complex, and the units you want are completely non-standard. I assume the speeds and accelerations you are interested in are very small, so I would recommend you seriously consider keeping to the conventional metric system, and represent small numbers using the engineering format, which is very good a handling very large or very small values. You have a much reduced chance of errors too!
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