Three different scales on a single tape measure

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Three different scales on a single tape measure

Postby woodworker! » Thu Mar 19, 2009 9:32 am

I have an antique tape measure that has a common scale in feet on the front, for a full length of 35 feet.
The interesting part of this tape measure is the etched numbers, scales and words. There are two scales on the front of the tape, and one on the back. The bottom edge of the front is in feet, with 12 inches in each foot. The top edge of the front has a different scale, and the back has a third scale. These scales are as follows:
--Bottom front edge: 0-35 feet, marked in feet, inches and 16ths of inches
--Top front edge: 0-15, marked in 16 sub-units each, and 16 sub-sub units of measure
--Back of tape:0-50, marked in 50 units of 10 sub-units each , and 10 sub-sub units of measure

Each of these last two scales ends exactly at the 35 foot length on the bottom front edge.

The tape measure is in a leather case marked Royal Tape Leather Case with a Star of David on front and back. The words etched on each scale on the tape are not in English but may be Cyrillic or Greek. Any idea what these last two scales might be? I did not find anything that seemed to exactly match these relationships to the common foot.

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