Inches to gallons in 30 gallon drum

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Inches to gallons in 30 gallon drum

Postby Sprayline » Sun Feb 01, 2009 10:24 am

Inches to gallons in 30 gallon drum. For a 55 gallon drum I use 1.7 gallons per inch.

Postby Dirtman » Mon Feb 02, 2009 1:17 pm

It depends on the drum as they all aren't the same dimensions and in fact can be quite variable, per an internet search.

A standard carbon steel drum meeting ANSI MH2-1997 specifications has an I.D. (inside diameter) of 18.25" and an I.H. (inside height) of 27.5" but also has (as do most steel drums) swedged rolling rings molded into the metal, which makes the diameter wider in these annular rings. Thus, volume by the inch will only be approximate.

Filled drums will also have an airspace of 1" or more. Not taking into account the slight increase of volume the rolling rings will factor into the equation, 30 gallons of water will fill a drum with the above specs to approximately 26.49" (30 gal * 231 in^3 / (PI/4) * 18.25^2).

30 gallons / 26.49" = 1.13 gallons per inch approximate. If higher accuracy is important, use a smaller graduated container of known volume.
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