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Energy Conversion

Postby photonxyz » Wed Jan 28, 2009 10:07 pm

I'm trying to convert the following

.6 kW/m^2 to (ft-lb)/ft^2

Now, the general conversions seem to be as follows

1 watt = .7376 (ft-lbs)s
1m^2 = 10.7639 ft ^2
.6 kW = 600 watts

Hence I performed the following;

(600 watts/m^2) x ((.7376(ft-lb)s)/ watt) x (1/10.7639 ft ^2)

The end result seems to be 41.1152 (ft-lb)s/ft^2

Can anyone please confirm my calculation? I¡¦d really appreciate it ƒº

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