will this power supply work?

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will this power supply work?

Postby bastratard » Sat Jan 17, 2009 12:35 am

I have boston acoustics ba635 speakers. Input voltage is 12 volt. I have a power supply that is rated 12v 6ohz 0.3a./ 12v dc 1000mA.

I also have a boston acoustics ba265 speakers with much smaller power supply than the ba635 above. its supply states 120vac 60hz 16w/ 12vdc 800mA.

The power supply for the ba265's works with the larger ba635's. I also have a universal power supply that operates ba635's at 12v 600 mA.

Question is this: Will the 1000mA power supply work correctly with the ba635 speakers? If I understand correctly, 1000 mA is smaller than 800 or 600 mA. But I could be wrong otherwise I wouldnt be asking this question. :idea:

Anyway, thanks to whoever answers this question for me! It is much appreciated.

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