Calculation of Volume inside Cylinder

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Calculation of Volume inside Cylinder

Postby Guest » Thu Nov 27, 2008 2:49 pm

I am working on a project and am trying to find out how much volume is in a pipe before and after it is pressurized.

The pipe is 250mm long x 15mm diameter.

If i pumped 50psi of air into it, then released the air into a balloon for example, how full would the balloon inflate to?

I ultimately want a balloon(for example) to inflate to approximately a 150-200mm round ball from the air inside the pipe when released, but have no idea if this can be calculated to be able to tell HOW MUCH PSI is required to be pumped into the pipe to begin with.

If able to then i could work out if i need a larger diameter pipe or longer length or shorter length etc.

Any idea's ?

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