Painting a room

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Painting a room

Postby aajay97 » Fri Oct 17, 2008 7:49 pm

My dining area is 13'-0" x 9'-0" and the kitchen is 13'-0"x 10'-6". How do I get the measurements in square feet so I know how much paint to buy. 1 gallon of paint covers 400 square feet but I want to know exactly how to calculate for future reference. Thank you for any help or assistance!

Postby Dirtman » Mon Oct 20, 2008 10:26 am

Length x height of each wall in feet, add 'em up. On walls with a pitched ceiling, height of one end plus height of other end, divide the answer by 2 and multiply by length.

If you're going to paint the celing, don't forget to add it in.

Keep in mind that most paints will require 2 coats.
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