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Postby TuuliaH » Mon Aug 16, 2010 3:25 pm


this site is excellent but one crucial element is missing, radioactivity measurements. In the states people like Curies as in Europe we like to use SI-units, Becquerels. This conversion "site" would be perfect :)!

Re: Radioactivitys

Postby spider » Mon Sep 20, 2010 10:44 am

You can find the curie to becquerel conversion table here:

and becquerel to curie conversion table here:

Also, here is a single page to perform one to all radioactivity conversions:
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Re: Radioactivitys

Postby temp » Thu Sep 23, 2010 3:08 am

or check this great site for doing calculations with physical constants, and doing conversions in an easy way + you can add your own conversions.

check this video if you want more help on using the site:
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