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Postby jwirkus@majorskylights.co » Sat May 08, 2004 3:10 am

how much will a 50 square feet x 20'' deep wet colorado snow weight

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Postby convert-me.com » Sat May 08, 2004 12:33 pm

jwirkus@majorskylights.co wrote:how much will a 50 square feet x 20'' deep wet colorado snow weight

You can estimate it by calculating the weight of the same amount of water.

50 square feet x 20 inches = 83.3 cubic feet = 2360 metric litres (see Capacity & Volume conversion).

One litre of water weighs 1 kilogram, so if it were water, it would weigh 2360 kg or 5203 lbs (see Mass & Weight conversion).

You amount of snow depending on how wet it is would be more or less ligher than the same capacity of water, i.e. no more than 5203 lbs.
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Postby narsipur@vsnl.com » Fri Apr 22, 2005 12:33 pm

How many Kilograms is US 5,000,000 lbs (wet lbs)

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