Anyone help me???

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Anyone help me???

Postby babebonkers » Mon Jun 27, 2011 2:21 am

Hi there,
Does anyone know the answer to this??? If the inner diameter of a bangle/bracelet is 62mm x 51mm then watch inch wrist would this bracelet fit??? Thankyou.

Re: Anyone help me???

Postby HAMMER » Sun Oct 23, 2011 1:07 am

62mm x 51mm divided by 25.4mm = inches
(25.4 mm = 1 inch)
Hope this helps you.

Re: Anyone help me???

Postby Guest » Mon Jan 09, 2012 5:33 am

62 x 51 mm oval bracelet
presume the wider measurement (62mm) is the wrist sideways,
6.2 cm / 2.54 cm per inch = 2.44 inches wide so 2.5 inch wide bracelet should VERY snugly fit that wrist (extra 0.6mm) though will be tough to slide it over the hand (think hands are bigger around than wrist.)
try a 3" bracelet to confirm if it can slide over the hand; and compare fit to a 2.5" bracelet.

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