Software for WORKING in imperial units

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Software for WORKING in imperial units

Postby imperial » Wed Apr 11, 2007 12:15 am

I live in the UK where we are being taken over by the European Union dictatorship which is trying to make it illegal for us to even mention imperial units from 2009. In the struggle for independence from this corrupt, mad, bad empire I believe we have to fight against metric measurements by educating our young people privately in our heritage weights and measures. The problem is, unlike in the US, it is impossible to find software and hand held calculators to actually WORK in imperial units. I.e., my interest is in finding or, if need be, developing spreadsheets into which imperial units such as yards, feet, inches, ounces, pounds, stones, pints and gallons can be entered and actually do calculations in this units, rather than convert them to and from metric. The thing that may still save us from the metric maniacs is the power of modern technology. There is absolutely no reason anymore why we cannot all work in whatever units we like, since a modern spreadsheet or hand-held calculator has the power to do what I want instantaneously. Now I've managed to find a hand-held calculator which will do this job - it is made in the US - but I cannot find a spreadsheet which will do the same. Can anyone out there help me? This could be a great mathematics project for a student!
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Postby Guest » Wed Apr 11, 2007 6:30 am

If the calculator is designed for US Customary units, be aware that:
1) We don't use stones. As a result, our hundredweight and ton are a different size than Imperial.
2) Our gallon is a different size and divided into a different number of fluid ounces, affecting all liquid volume units.
3) Our bushel is a different size.
So the calculator, unless it explicitly includes Imperial, may lead you astray from what you expect.

As I worked in a metric industry, I convert anything not already metric to metric and solve the problem, so I can't help you. Not software, but NIST SP811 has excellent conversion tables, from anything to proper metric units (probably not what you are looking for)

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