GPS coordinates converted

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GPS coordinates converted

Postby Frank » Sun Feb 20, 2005 1:19 am

There are several ways to express GPS coordinates. For example, you could express a waypoint (anypoint on the surface of the Earth) in Tampa, Florida as:

~N DD.DDD, W DD.DDD (e.g., N 28.132º, W 82.543º)


~N DD, MM.MMM, W DD, MM.MMM (e.g., N 28º 7.933', W 82º 32.633'


~N DD, MM, SS.SS, W DD, MM, SS.SS (N 28º 7' 56", W 82º 32' 38")

Possibly a few others

NOTE: N=North
M=Minutes (as you know, 1/60 degree)
S=Seconds (1/3600 of a degree)

Postby Frank » Sun Feb 20, 2005 1:28 am

I failed to mention my main point: It would be nice to have that converter in the main list. With the differences in GPS tracking devices, and the crappy phone versions, it may be very useful.

P.S. Check out

Latitude and Longtitude conversion

Postby Jeff » Sun Jul 24, 2005 1:22 pm

Hi I use quite frequently. I recently started Geocaching. I have run into the same problem of converting to the at least three different formats of showing degrees and its decimal or degrees minutes with decimal or degrees minutes and seconds with sometimes four significant digits to the right of the second's decimal point. (Frank shows two significant digits to the right of the decimal point in his third example. His three formats (examples) are dead-on.)

I can calculate minutes and seconds to a decimal equivilent because the denominator is 60. Also Frank's use of ' for minutes and " for seconds is correct symbolization for degrees, minutes and seconds. (You probably already knew that though.)

Thank you for making and maintaining this handy site. You have saved me valuable time on many occasions. And also have provided some fun entertainment. E.g. just how many Ångströms are in a cubit.

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