MPGe = miles per gallon equivalent

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MPGe = miles per gallon equivalent

Postby set » Fri May 01, 2009 9:22 pm

I cme across this at the SAE Engr Development Auto show in Detroit Mich in Apr 2009. I think it has some relation to the relative cost of Regular 87 rated unleaded fuel.
But the TRUE facts were not posted and this is just a guess at this point.

WHAT is the accepted calculation for this "MPGe" based on different fuel sources. It does seem to be based on various fuel sources and their relative energy of cost or carbon or a combination thereof.

Thank you This should be added to your conversion chart. at least a reference so others are not confused as I was.

The best application was an internal comb engin that was designed only for E85 fuel. It was rated at 104 MPGe, but rated on E85 it was approx 83 MPG.

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