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pounds to gallona

Postby Heather8705 » Wed Apr 16, 2008 1:39 am

i have a 35 pound bag of dog food and i need to buy a storage tote for it, and they come in gallon sizes. what size tote do i need to buy?

conversion - dog food

Postby rngaskins » Thu Dec 04, 2008 10:10 pm

Dog food comes in all sorts of bit sizes and I assume all sorts of densities within that variant; so coming up with volume is difficult.

You need to know volume to address this question.

One can assume that the size of the bag the food comes in can be either measured or estimated.

After arriving at this "estimate", you can then find a plastic container that holds _________ quarts based, again on estimating how many quarts or gallons or whatever you come up with.

This is NOT an exact science; but you may change dog food manufacturers in the future; and then all the variables will change; so you will need some flexibility (margin) in your storage container.

After saying all this, a 12 gallon container with "clam shell" top will hold most of the bags I have seen in stores. The problem I see with this is that the "clam shell" is hardly air tight and may not preserve the freshness of the stored dog food, or it may smell up the closet you are storing it in. Perhaps one of the more air tight containers would be better.

Hope this is helpful. rg

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