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Questions and answers on how to convert things from one unit or system to another
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I need to convert cm^3 to cm

Fri Jan 21, 2005 1:20 pm

Here is the problem, a lead cube (density = 11.3g/cm^3) is dropped into a granulated cylinder of water. the bottom of the meniscus reads 23.35cm^3. the cube weighs 97.02g.
what was the volume of water before the cube was added. my answer is 97.02/11.3g/cm^3 = 8.59cm^3 subtract that from 21.35 = 12.76cm^3. Now I need to know what is the length of one side of the cube in cm? so now I need to convert 8.59cm^3 to cm. How do I do that? or am I on the wrong track?
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