asphalt conversion, sy to tons

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asphalt conversion, sy to tons

Postby Guest » Wed Jul 05, 2006 10:56 pm

How can I figure out how many tons of asphalt I need based on my square yardage? I have 3200 sy of asphalt I want layed at either 2" thick or 4" thick. Depending on cost.

Postby industryshack » Fri Jul 07, 2006 1:09 am

-Density of Asphalt mix= 112lb/sq. yd./in

1-calculate volume of asphalte needed = 3200 square yards * thickness 2 inches = 6400 square yards x inch.

2-Calculate mass of asphalte needed -­­­­--

Mass = density X volume

Mass = 112lb/sq. yd./in x 6400 square yards x inch
= 716 800 lbs for 2 inches thickness

=1 433 600 lbs for 4 inches thickness

716800 pound = 358.4 ton US = 325.13 ton (metric)
1 433 600 pound = 716.8 ton US = 650.3 ton (metric)

Assuming that only 5.4 % of mix is asphalt concrete then 716 800 * 0.054 = 38 707 lbs of Asphalt concrete

This response is based on the following document: ... ssions.doc


For a one acre parking lot, using the assumption of all emulsified asphalt used, with a 5 in thickness, the calculation can be done in the following manner:

(Area) * (thickness) = Volume of parking lot.
Density of Asphalt mix= 112lb/sq. yd./in( typical factor, depends on mix from Bureau of Materials, IDOT)

1 Acre*5in*(112lb/sq.yd/in)*(4840sq yd/acre)=2710400 lbs of asphalt needed.

Assuming that only 5.4 % of mix is asphalt concrete then: (Factor from Bureau of Materials, IDOT)
271244.8 lbs asphalt * (.054)=146361.6 lbs. Asphalt concrete

Assuming that the density of asphalt is similar to that of water, 8.34 lbs/gal, one barrel(42 gal) of asphalt weighs 350 lbs(From Emission Inventory Improvement, Volume III, Chapter 17, Oct. 1998)

146361.6 lbs * (1 barrel/350 lbs) = 418.176 barrels

419 barrels*(9.2 lb VOC/Barrel Asphalt)=3854.8 lbs VOC(emission factor of 9.2 came from Emission Inventory Improvement, Volume III, Chapter 17, Oct. 1998)

3854.8 lbs VOC * (1 Ton/2000 lbs)= 1.93 Ton/VOC per acre of asphalt pavement for one acre parking lot.

Using cutback asphalt, you would have : 18.44 Ton/VOC per acre of asphalt pavement. (Emission factor of 88 lb VOC/Barrel Asphalt came from Emission Inventory Improvement, Volume III, Chapter 17, Oct. 1998)
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A simple way to figure sy ac to tons

Postby Jarmstrong » Tue Jun 26, 2007 3:36 am

Is there a rule of thumb for this conversion?

SY X .0864=tons for 1 1/2"

Another for 2" and 3'

Postby Dirtman » Wed Jul 04, 2007 6:46 am

The simplest way is to convert from cubic yards to tons of asphalt. Multiply cubic yards by 2.025 to obtain tons of asphalt needed.

For example, if you need 100 cubic yards of asphalt (at a finished density of at least 95%), you will need 202.50 tons (100 cy * 2.025).
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