water heater capasity

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water heater capasity

Postby Platus » Fri Mar 03, 2006 9:28 am

if a water heater is 30'' in diameter and 60'' tall how many gallons will it hold?

Postby Mike Wright » Fri Mar 03, 2006 5:58 pm

Assuming it is a cylinder, its volume = Pi x r² x h
where Pi = 3.142, r = radius & h = height.

If you do it all in inches the answer will be in cubic inches, then use the converter in this site to convert to gallons, but don't forget their are two types of gallons, US and imperial, make sure you use the right one!

I'll leave you to do the arithmetic.
Mike Wright
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Re: water heater capasity

Postby Guest » Thu Mar 09, 2006 4:40 am

Platus wrote:if a water heater is 30'' in diameter and 60'' tall how many gallons will it hold?

Most of the answers:

Gallons: 183.59957066434
Imp Gallons: 152.87862280116
Quarts: 734.39828265735
Pints: 1,468.796565315
Liters: 694.99997833013
Yards³: 0.90902565208

Feet³: 24.54369260617
Inches³: 42,411.50082346
Meters³: 0.69499997833
Acre Feet: 5.6344227145E-4
Cups: 2,937.593130629
Tablespoons: 47,001.49009007

Teaspoons: 141,004.4702702
Fluid Ounce: 23,500.74504504
Millilite 694,999.9783301
Bushels: 19.72242669965
Pecks: 78.889706798602
Dry Gallons: 157.7794135972

Dry Quarts: 631.11765438881
Board Feet: 294.52431127404
Barrels Oil: 4.371418349151

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