solvent and water based ink for mimaki, roland, mutoh ...

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solvent and water based ink for mimaki, roland, mutoh ...

Postby jorjie » Wed May 11, 2005 9:34 am

Dear Sir or Madam:

We write to introduce ourselves as one of the leading exporters of a wide range of solvent inks.
SHANGHAI E-BON DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD specializing in developing, manufacturing and marketing Color inkjet ink and media, Especially solvent based pigment ink.
We produce two series of printing inks: Mimaki JV2, Jv4 and Roland hj series, HP 5000, HP5500…
Ink for water based ink (dye): 15 USD/ liter
(Pigment): 40 USD/liter, and we also can offer cartridge with
220ml pigment ink, the price is about15USD- 18USD/piece
Ink for solvent ink (two kinds):
One is for xaar 126/128/500 printer head;
Another is for Epson EPSON 64/180 printer head: Mimaki Jv3, Roland SJ and Mutoh......
Pls visit our website:
Our ink is for Roland sj, Mutoh, Mimaki Jv3 series enjoy good prestige in the overseas agent of printers, so pls give us a chance to test our ink.
By the way, we also offer the updating process for our clients (water based to solvent based) and we would offer supports to our clients, such as print head, hose, plastic, damper, wiper……

Here’s our price list for distributor (FOB):
Solvent ink for Epson printer head is 30 USD for each liter
Water based ink(dye) for epson pritner head is 15 USD for each liter
Water based ink(pigment) for epson pritner head is 40 USD for each liter
The cartridge with 220ml pigment ink is 15USD-18USD/ piece
The refillable cartridge is 15 USD for each one
The Jv3 Chip is 12 USD for each one, and the Resetter Is 25 USD for each one
Solvent ink for Xaar500 printer head and spectra printer head is 12-15 USD for each liter
Solvent ink for Xaar 126/128 is 10 USD for each liter
The cleaning liquid is 10 USD for each liter.
The hose, tube for Roland, Mimaki pump is 70 USD for 100m.
Plastic slice for Epson printer head is 3USD for each one.
Damper for Roland and Mimaki is 7USD for each one.
Wiper for Roland and Mimaki is 5USD for each one.

We shall be only too glad to answer your inquiries at any time.
We are willing to enter into business relations with your firm on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.
We look forward to your early reply with much interest.

Best regards!

Yours faithfully

International Sales Department
E-Bon Digital Media Technical Limited

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